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"A fluidly lyrical band built around two-tenor interplay..."
Time Out New York



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featuring Ben Wendel and Chris Lightcap



Bright Noise is the collaborative project of two tenor players - Scotsman Ben Bryden and Belgian Steven Delannoye. Leading lights of the genre in their respective nations, they are part of a growing scene characterized by blending the jazz aesthetic with Indie Rock influences.

Bringing together musicians from across Europe who first came together in New York in 2009, Bright Noise features original music that ranges from euphoric grooves to melancholy atmospheric melodies intertwined with high octane solo and group improvisation.

Bright Noise has toured annually in Europe since 2010, including appearances at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, London's Con Cellar and The Jazz Station in Brussels. Their self-titled EP, recorded in New York in 2011 was launched at Cornelia Street Cafe in 2012, featuring special guests Ben Wendel (Kneebody) and Chris Lightcap.

The band features:
Ben Bryden (New York/Scotland) - tenor saxophone
Steven Delannoye (New York/Belgium) - tenor saxophone
Thomas Decock (Belgium) - guitar

Yannick Peeters (Belgium) - bass
Martin Kruemmling (Germany) - drums

From time to time the band has also featured:

Reinier Baas (Netherlands) - guitar

Des White (New York/Australia) - bass
Chris Lightcap - bass
Will Vinson - alto Saxophone
Ben Wendel - tenor saxophone
Anna Webber - tenor saxophone and flute
Martijn Vanbuel (Belgium) - bass
Tim Basom (New York) - guitar
Dustin Kaufman (New York) - drums

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