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7th November 2019

Figure of Eight  - Launch party
Nublu Jazz Festival
Studio 151, 9pm
151 Avenue C, New York 10009
20th November 2019
Figure of Eight
Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3, 7pm

185 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002


30th November 2019
Ben Bryden Trio
The Bar Next Door, 3 sets at 7:30|9:30|11:30pm
129 Macdougal Street, New York, NT 10012



29th August 2018

Trio with Matt Davis (g) and Johannes Felscher (b)
The Norwood Club, New York
as part of 'Best Laid Plans'
10th August 2018
Trio with Noel Mason (b) and Jesse Simpson (d)
The Bar Next Door, 131 Macdougal Street, New York
3 sets, 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30pm


30th May + 1st June 2018
Bright Noise at Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival, Scotland
12th December 2017
Trio with Desmond White (b) and Brian Adler (d)
The Bar Next Door, 131 Macdougal Street, New York
2 sets, 8:30pm and 10:30pm
14th November 2017
Matt Davis' Bassless Trio
with Matt Davis (g) and Austin Walker (d)
Cornelia Street Cafe, 29 Cornelia Street, New York



29th October 2017 
Ham Sessions - Gent, Belgium 3pm
Roskam - Brussels, Belgium 8pm
30th October 2017
de Hopper - Antwerp, Belgium 9:30pm
31st October 2017
The Spotted Dog, Birmingham, UK 8pm
1st November 2017
The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh, Scotland 8:30pm
2nd November 2017
The Stove, Dumfries, Scotland 7:30pm
3rd November 2017
Con Cellar Bar, London, UK 8:30pm
5th November 2017
The Factory, Tielt, Belgium 11am

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