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Own the new album 'Figure of Eight', released on Circavision Porductions on November 8th 2019.


Figure of Eight is an expression of musical wanderlust - how far flung and seemingly disparate ideas and influences feed back into one another to create a coherent and connected whole.


From an autobiographical perspective, it also represents the constant pull of place, like the ebb and flow of the Atlantic - from one home in Scotland to another in New York.



Ben Bryden - tenor saxophone, compositions.

Phil Robson - guitar

Desmond White - bass

Rajiv Jayaweera - drums

with Steven Delannoye - tenor saxophone (tracks 3 and 4)


Produced by Ben Bryden.

Recorded at Bunker Studios, June 7th 2018, engineered by Aaron Nevezie.

Mixed by Eivind Opsvik at Greenwood Underground.

Mastered by Brian Shankar Adler at Circavision Productions.

Figure of Eight CD

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